Marry me! The proposal that rocked Central Park!

August 31, 2014  •  30 Comments

The sight of the marriage proposal. Rohit had an elaborate (and fantastically romantic!) plan to ask for his bethroth's hand. He staged this sign for Central Park's "Bird Watching" and placed a pair of binoculars to use. You will see how this plays out in the proposal...



Our couple arrives at the proposal sight! (I'm posing as a nearby bird photographer) 




Lady love seizes the opportunity to use the binoculars to look for "birds". As Rohit signals his friends on a boat across the way.




What the Rohit's girlfriend sees thru the binoculars across the pond!



He reaches for the Ring...



The MOMENT! Will you marry me?



And she accepts happily. Joyfully!



The happy couple is joined by family (his and hers!) and friends on boats!



Showing off the Ring! Bling!



As we work our way to board a gondola (yes!) to head for the Boathouse, we are stopped by a street musician in the park for an impromptu serenade of Elvis's "Can't Help Falling in Love" by a WHOLE AUDIENCE! The whole park cheers, awwws and coos at the newly engaged couple.



On the gondola! On ward to the Boathouse for a mega celebration! A great day for this couple and for love!






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28.Jim Kartin(non-registered)
WOW .... its soo cuteeee and beautiful ... i got emotional at these occasions ... watch more<a href="">here</a>;
26.happy holi images(non-registered)
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